Add A Shortcode To A WordPress Text Widget – How To Guide


Have you ever tried to add a shortcode to a WordPress text widget?  Didn't work out too well, did it?  That's because WordPress doesn't provide native support for adding a shortcode to a text widget.  Luckily, getting WordPress to cooperate couldn't be simpler. And yes, I'm sure there are plugins out there that will accomplish the same thing. But why install yet another plugin if you don't have to? Exactly. In order to add a functioning shortcode to a WordPress text widget, simply add the … [Read more...]

Small Business Saturday 2013 WordPress Website Design Special

Small Business Saturday 2013 Design Promo

LUCKY YOU! This offer has been extended through December 15th! Okay, you've been waiting... and waiting... and waiting to build a small business website. Why? There may be a lot of reasons, but one of the biggest is cost.  Problem SOLVED! Right now you can get a state-of-the-art small business website that is mobile-responsive and built using today's latest markup language, HTML5 - for 50% OFF! In honor of Small Business Saturday... Get a small business website for 50% off! But ONLY … [Read more...]

GENESIS FIX – Fatal error: Call to undefined function genesis_upgrade_2007()

Genesis Framework

I recently attempted to upgrade the Genesis framework on one of my client's staging sites.  I received the following error message, but was not able to find documentation of a fix through a quick Google search or via the StudioPress support forum: Fatal error:  Call to undefined function genesis_upgrade_2007() ... /wp-content/themes/genesis/lib/functions/upgrade.php on line 425 Since I couldn't find a solution to my dilemma as quickly as I'd hoped, I went ahead and submitted a support ticket … [Read more...]

Testimonial – Joe Skilton, Professional Magician


Working with Alysson has saved me time, improved my rankings and made me money.  I wish I had hired her years ago. Working with Alysson has been a pleasure.  I'm especially impressed with her extensive up-to-date SEO knowledge, her strong work ethic, and her attention to detail. Alysson is also incredibly honest... a rare trait in the world of search engine optimization. When doing keyword research, she took my business goals into account, and always provided excel charts of actual … [Read more...]

w3 Total Cache & Canonical URL Issues

Lightbulb Moment

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed a tweet from me a while back lamenting a conflict between a caching plugin and the 301 redirect from non-www to www (or vice versa - whichever is the preferred URL for a given site).  From time to time I check to make sure that the non-www URLs of pages on my site are being properly redirected to the www URLs. Some time after I started using the w3 Total Cache plugin, that stopped happening.  I was not bursting with fruit flavor, but … [Read more...]

Plagiarize Me, Will Ya? Tsk-Tsk, Naresh Joshi

Before I embark on my latest rant, let me make it clear that Naresh Joshi is not your run o' the mill scraper.  I don't really spend much time worrying about or warring with scrapers over stolen blog content.  There are a number of ways to use their douchebaggary to your advantage and even have a little fun at their expense, as my pal Gerald Weber illustrated. This, however, is egregious plagiarism with direct and malicious intent to deceive.  Yet another piece of evidence to justify … [Read more...]

My First Webinar – TOMORROW!

Some time ago I was asked by my friend, Shelly Kramer of V3 Integrated Marketing, to participate in her webinar series on SEO. My response? Count me in!  The webinar is being sponsored by Think Bigger Media and is insanely affordable at only $77.  Register NOW! I've been charged with kicking off the webinar series with "SEO for Business: A Crash Course" tomorrow - December 7th - at 2:00 pm CST.   I will be providing a meat & potatoes introduction to building more search engine and user … [Read more...]

Testimonial – Erika Napoletano, Redhead Writing


Having worked with Alysson on multiple occasions, I can say 3 things without hesitation: (1) Work is above expectations, (2) It is always on-time, and (3) She is ready and willing to answer any client questions that arise. If you're looking for no-BS, on-the-money SEO research that's an exceptional value, Alysson is your go-to girl. And go to her now, before your competition does. ~ Erika Napoletano, Redhead Writing … [Read more...]

Testimonial – Bill & Kathy Duke, Awakening Recovery Center


Alysson Fergison is a great teacher and professional. She has an upbeat personality and is a problem solver. What we like so much about Alysson is her willingness to teach as she develops a better web site. She changed our (Awakening) web site for better visual appeal and readability and as a result we are getting more hits than ever before. Alysson has answered all of our questions and lead us through the entire process of change with great ease and confidence. Her personality and aptitude … [Read more...]

Testimonial – Kelli Doré, Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation


Alysson Fergison volunteered her services to help the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation redesign our website and take advantage of all the wonderful ways we can get our name out there via social networking avenues and web presence. Working with Alysson has been an extreme pleasure. She is knowledgeable, compassionate, patient, and has truly brought LBWF to the next level with her dedication and expertise. We can't thank her enough for all of her creative thoughts and late nights and would … [Read more...]