7 Things That Will Happen At IM Spring Break

Whether or not I get to attend IM Spring Break could be totally IN YOUR HANDS! Okay, so most of you know that I’m between jobs at the moment after having been heartlessly and without warning fired – for the first time in my life – just weeks before Christmas, ruining my plan to attend SMX West. That really sucked. I was very much looking forward to meeting everyone and using the conference as the perfect excuse to vacation to my favorite place – California. Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be and I had to scrap those plans to pay January’s bills instead…pesky responsibility!

Nevertheless, I’ve not given up hope of getting to meet some of my favorite SEO/SEM pals in person. And thanks to IMBroadcast’s contest – you may have heard about it already – that hope is alive and well. I’m totally throwing my hat in the ring to win it! If you aren’t familiar with the contest, read this post: “Go to IM Spring Break, and stay on the IMBroadcast team’s tab“.

Now that you’re up to speed on how it works and know what you need to do, here are the 7 things that I think will happen at IM Spring Break:

    1) The $500 spent on the conference will pale in comparison to some attendees’ bar tabs.
    2) People will come away from this conference thinking, “DAMN! That’s the best $500 I’ve ever spent…”
    3) Those in attendance will sign the NDA and they will do so with a smile on their face – period.
    4) A lot of people who have formed online friendships will get to meet face-to-face instead of just being “online pals”.
    5) People will love that the conference is smaller and more intimate – allowing for more one on one networking and individual interaction with attendees and speakers alike.
    6) Members of the staff at the Hilton Deerfield Beach will, at the very least, know what SEO stands for before the three days are up.
    7) Rae Hoffman and I will participate in a cage match – perhaps involving mud – to close out the event (I’m totally kidding…she’d kick the crap out of me – no doubt about it). Hi, Rae…please don’t hurt me! ;)

So, now what should you do? It’s simple: write a post at your blog highlighting 7 things you think, or wish, or expect, or hope will happen at IM Spring Break. Make sure the post includes a link to Go to IM Spring Break, and stay on the IMBroadcast team’s tab and this post. That’s it! See…it really couldn’t be easier to help me win the contest, eh? ;)

Now, on to who gets tagged to pingback to this post:

Kim Krause Berg
Rae Hoffman
Monica Wright
Josh Garner
Matt Crouch
Tad Chef
Jim Connolly
Debra MastalerTHANK YOU, DEBRA!
Claire Hawley
Dave Snyder
Matt Webb
Cat Pickett
Jonathan W Thomas
Donna Fontenot
Eric Werner
Kyle Reddoch
Kevin Eklund
David LeonhardtTHANK YOU, DAVID!
Brian Chappell
Meg Geddes
Eric Lander
Joshua Sciarrino
Geoff Jackson
Mike Tekula
Michael Martine
Levi Wardell
Steve Seeley
Chase Granberry
Jeff Selig
Jack Leblond
Stuart Foster
Badi Jones
Melanie Nathan
Kyle Wegner
Rick Galan
Brent Nau
Sri Nagubandi
Lisa Weinberger
Taylor Pratt
Chris Estes
Ann Smarty – THANK YOU, ANN!
CK Chung
Hjortur Smarason
Michael Gray

I think I may have gone a little overboard with tagging people. Oh well! Can you tell I have no money and REALLY want to go to IM Spring Break??

Now, the rest falls to you – write your own blog post about the 7 things you anticipate will happen at IM Spring Break and DON’T FORGET TO LINK THE POST BACK TO THIS ONE! Come on people…help me out, would ya??

BIG thanks to these guys, who I didn’t tag originally but are awesome enough to help me out anyway! :)

Frank Watson
Barry Welford
Communibus Locis
Steve Vandergriff
Matt Leonard


  1. says

    You need to install TweetSuite to get this thing going I guess. Being fired is a good thing sometimes. I was fired back in 2002 after the new economy crash hit my company and since then I’m my own boss. I never wished to get back to wage slavery although it was difficult at time.

    I’m too far way to take part really (Germany).

    Tad Chefs last blog post..SEO 2.0 Reality Check: What’s True What Not?

    • says

      Nope, don’t need TweetSuite – I just need people to write a post on their blog and then link it back to this post. You can help me…even from Germany. :)

      I’d never been fired before, so it came as quite a blow – to the finances and the ego. It was for the best. The job would have ultimately been a nightmare, and I’m no quitter…so who knows how long I’d have stuck it out. :)

    • says

      I’m tellin’ ya…you shoulda been a rapper! Thanks for the rhyme – very creative, indeed. Wish you were gonna be there!

      I’m pissed that my trackbacks from Blogger blogs (and even one from a WP blog) aren’t showing up below. Irritating…

    • says

      I’d love to win – that would be so awesome! :) I wonder when this contest ends…

      Your link will only count as a pingback for me if you change the the link in your post to link to this post, instead of my home page.

      I changed your link above so it would go directly to your contest post…I wonder why it’s not showing up as a pingback for you. That’s odd…

  2. says

    I have to say, I could not agree with you in 100%, but that’s just my opinion, which could be very wrong.
    p.s. You have a very good template for your blog. Where have you got it from?

  3. Anonymous says

    Not that I’m impressed a lot, but this is a lot more than I expected when I stumpled upon a link on Digg telling that the info here is awesome. Thanks.

    • says

      I’m not sure whether you intended to insult or compliment me, but thanks – I guess.

      What I am sure of is that the next time you use “Heartburn Home Remedy” as the anchor text for your link instead of your name, the comment will be deleted as SPAM (as it clearly is). :)

      And, I’m sure that whatever Digg link you stumbled on stating “that the info here is awesome” probably wasn’t referring to THIS post. Feel free to browse around. Hopefully you’ll find something worthwhile.