Who Won the IM Spring Break Contest?

I DID! WOO-HOO! First, thanks to everyone who pitched in to help me win IM Spring Break’s blog meme contest. I’m very excited and certainly have you guys to thank for the blog posts and pingbacks. I couldn’t have done it without you! “You like me…you really like me…”. Oops, sorry…I forgot this isn’t an award and I’m not Sally Field. My bad. ;)

Seriously, though…my excitement about attending the event isn’t just because I now get to go for free. Don’t get me wrong – for a poor girl, that’s pretty sweet. However, I wanted to go and had every intention of whoring myself…er, uh…I mean scraping together the money to go, even if I hadn’t won. The conference is sure to be three days of learning from some of the best minds in search marketing today. No, really – considering the speakers scheduled to appear, the affordability of the event is mind-boggling, to say the least.

Scheduled to appear:

Jeff Quipp
Chris Winfield
Brent Csutoras
Todd Mailcoat aka Stuntdubl
Rae Hoffman aka Sugarrae
Brian Chappell
Wil Reynolds
Kenny Hyder
Carolyn Shelby
Rhea Drysdale
Michael Streko
Aaron Chronister
David Szetela
Brandy Eddings
Frank Watson
Chris Hart
Pamela Lund
Neal Rodriguez
Loren Baker
Jordan Kasteler
David Snyder

At $1000 this conference would be a bargain. At $500 this conference was insanely affordable. At the recently announced stimulus pricing of just $379…well, anyone even mildly interested in any topic even remotely related to Internet marketing would be completely INSANE to pass this up. I have a feeling that Rae Hoffman’s link building keynote alone is going to be worth the price of admission. It’s gotta be good to warrant having to sign an NDA, right? HELL YEAH!

In short, you’d be a fool to pass up three days of camaraderie and exchanging wicked awesome information that will help you do a better job of marketing on the Internet. That’s right…I said it – A FOOL! Oh, and let’s not forget that it is being held in south Florida in April. Does weather get any more beautiful than Boca Raton in April? I’ll answer that question for you – no, it doesn’t.

Now, go register for IM Spring Break. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??


    • says

      Thanks, Shana! I’m thrilled to finally meet you, too…and all the other awesome people I’ve befriended online during the past year or so. :)

  1. Victoria says


    I am so happy you will be able to come to IM Spring Break:) This is so exciting!!!! You so deserve to go as you are so passionate about SEO and social media and I can tell just as eager to learn as I am!


    • says

      Thanks, Victoria! I’m very excited. And yes, very eager to learn some new and useful information there, in addition to getting to hang out with some of my favorite search marketing online pals. :)

  2. says

    good post, it seems like a really great conference, i wish i could have gone. i would like to hear more about it. also, jumping on the “stimulus pricing” classic.