SEO Specialist and WordPress Website & Blog Designer

SEO Specialist Alysson FergisonMy name is Alysson Fergison.  I began helping people better understand search engine optimization through a not-for-profit blog I aptly named “SEOAly” and became known throughout search marketing circles by that moniker.  Since then my brand has evolved into a freelance endeavor which offers SEO and affordable small business website design services.  I wear many hats, but my area of expertise is on-site SEO and helping people build more search engine friendly websites.

I have been involved in the search marketing industry for several years and have provided hundreds of hours of SEO consultation to small and medium sized business owners throughout the United States and Canada.

What makes a site search engine friendly is, more often than not, what also makes a site user friendly.  By understanding what the search engines are looking for you are better able to understand what users are looking for, as well.  My goal is to educate small business owners, not to profit from their ignorance. Happy clients are those who are well-informed and knowledgable.

I fill the following roles for small businesses on a freelance basis:

  • Website/Blog Designer
  • SEO Specialist & Consultant
  • Copywriter & Blogger
  • Social Media Consultant
  • Online Reputation and Branding Consultant

As the primary SEO Specialist at the nation’s largest website design and marketing company for small & medium sized businesses, I had a unique opportunity to work with business owners across the country and help them build more search engine friendly websites. I now proudly offer freelance services – like affordable small business website design – through my own brand, SEOAly, and look forward to being a part of helping your small business succeed.

I’m not an agency. I’m not a corporation. I’m not chasing bottom line revenues to keep my stockholders’ pie holes shut. I wear the hat of a small business owner, just like you. And I work with small business owners, just like you.

As an SEO Specialist, I obviously offer consultation, but I also provide do-it-for-me small business Search Engine Optimization services. These hands-on services include identifying & resolving on-site SEO issues, graphic & website design, brand building and online reputation management & monitoring.

The Internet Helps Level the Marketing Playing Field

In today’s interactive social web world, nothing is more important to your small business than the online visibility of your website.  Small businesses have an opportunity to market like never before thanks to the existence of the Internet.  Print, television and radio are no longer the only advertising mediums available, nor are they the most cost-effective or successful.

Learning to leverage the power of the Internet can mean the difference between success and failure for a small business these days.  I understand the importance of providing affordable services without sacrificing value and results. While the ROI of many high priced SEO firms and agencies is great, most small business owners simply aren’t yet in a financial position to make such a large investment.

As is the case with any small business start-up, the ultimate responsibility falls to you.  And while time may be scarce, it is often less scarce than money.  Many times a small business owner has the ability to make some of the necessary changes themselves by incorporating what they learn about their site and about search engine optimization through an SEO audit and keyword research.  Whether you just prefer to do the work yourself or you must do the work yourself because paying someone else to do it isn’t possible, giving you the information you need to make the right decision for your small business website is my goal.

The services I provide through SEOAly give small business owners an opportunity to identify the issues that might be causing their sites to perform poorly in the search results without having to spend thousands of dollars on a high-level SEO firm. Once those issues have been identified, deciding what to do next – whether to attempt to resolve the issues yourself or contract a professional SEO to tackle the project – becomes much less intimidating. After all, why spend a thousand dollars a month to keep an SEO agency on retainer if you don’t have to?