WordPress Security – Not Just For Big Boys Anymore

My latest post, published at Search Engine People, is all about WordPress security.  There may have been a time when only large publishers had to worry about security, but not anymore.

As the popularity of WordPress began to rise, so did the opportunity for hackers to target sites running on the platform.  WordPress does a decent job of plugging security holes as they’re identified, but leaving the security of your site completely in their hands is idiocy.

From steps you can take during the installation process to security-specific WordPress plugins to ways you can keep tabs on hacking attempts and take immediate action, this post may be one of the most useful I’ve written in months…or maybe ever.

After all, working for months – or years – to build your brand on the Internet only to fall victim to a malicious douchebag is infuriating.  There are steps you can take to help prevent it.  If one or more of the tips I provide helps someone keep their site from falling victim to the attacks of some jackass, then all this bullshit I do all day just might turn out to be worth it.

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